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Faculty Highlight - Sonia Manuel-Dupont

Utah State University has nominated Sonia Manuel-Dupont for the national Thomas Ehrlich CivicallyEngaged Faculty Award. Sonia, an Associate Professor within the Communicative Disorders and DeafCommunications, has been influential both in her department and across campus in providingcommunity engagement opportunities for students. Sonia is a member of the advisory board of TheCenter for Civic Engagement and Service-Learning (CCESL) and the Service-Learning Faculty AdvisoryBoard, and has helped to create a culture of engagement in the Communicative Disorders department.

One program Sonia has been instrumental in developing and growing is the Institute for SustainableEducation Economics and Engineering (SeeeMe). Although this program began as a way to create andengaged a USU Student Chapter of Engineers without Boarders, Sonia has created opportunities forstudents within her department to be involved both through class work, and on the two trips per year torural communities in Uganda. With this program students are able to serve more than 15 orphanagesand schools in Uganda, working with over 2500 children. Sonia also currently teaches five courses thatare designated as Service-Learning, in which students complete projects related to course content thatdirectly benefit a local or international community agency.

Community Engagement opportunities through USU provide a chance for students to gain hands on experience of classroom topics while working with a community agency. Engagement can happen withinthe classroom, as Service-Learning, or through research, extra-curricular activities, and domestic andinternational trips. The Thomas Ehrlich award is managed through the national Campus Compactprogram, of which USU is a member. Campus Compact advances the public purposes of colleges anduniversities by deepening their ability to improve community life and to educate students for civic andsocial responsibility.

‘Sonia continues to mentor students from many walks of life to become involved in community service and to strive to make significant changes in the lives of children and adolescents,’ William Grenney, USUProfessor Emeritus and founder for SeeeMe, said. It is for this reason that USU wishes to honor Soniaand reward her ongoing community engagement work by nominating her for the Thomas EhrlichCivically Engaged Faculty Award.